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Sunday Toolkit: Worship Tools

You won't groan at these vacation slides. They're good, and they're free.

The website www.holylandphotos.org offers 996 photos of 99 locations in Israel, Greece, and Turkey, both present-day locations and artifacts. The photos are all downloadable in PowerPoint-ready format, and (did we say?), they're free!

Next time you preach about Corinth, you can show it—or the Sea of Galilee, the Garden of Gethsemane, or many others.

The site is hosted by Carl Rasmussen, professor of biblical studies at Bethel College in Minnesota. Rasmussen has conducted tours of the Middle East since 1973, and most of the photos are from his collection. He has included several paragraphs of information with each image and a recommended reading list so you can dig deeper into the historical and biblical significance of these locations.

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