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Pomos vs. Mods: The Smackdown

You responded—boy, did you respond—to "Nomo Pomo."

Two weeks ago I had the temerity to publish "A Postmodern Rant," which ignited from readers a burst of rhetorical fireworks stunning in its color and intensity. A glimpse:

Mods on Pomos: "PoMoism is an overblown reaction that has no future because it can't create anything. It is reactionary and empty. It is now primarily the domain of middle-class American university students. As I've traveled and talked with students in Beijing and Sao Paulo and Manila and dozens of other cities on other continents, I've noticed that none of them are interested in postmodernism. Most of the world would love to be modern! Even in America, I've never heard African-Americans or Hispanics getting excited about PoMo ministry."

Pomos on Mods: "Probably the greatest damage the Modern church has created is the Christian subculture that is absolutely maddening. Among its contributions are bumper- sticker theology with such gems as "Get Right … or Get Left." Or how 'bout the CCM industry with its superstars ...

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