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Church Discipline Really Works (pt. 2)

How to find courage (and avoid lawsuits) when confronting sinning believers.

(Ed. note: Pastors who lead their churches to discipline members for sinful actions hope for biblical resolution, but they also face legal complications. In part two of our interview, Ken Sande advises that despite the liability questions, church discipline can be carried out successfully.

Ken offered encouraging examples in part one. Click here to read: Church Discipline Really Works, part one.)

Why are some churches reluctant to employ church discipline today?
Clearly our culture is seeping into the church. This includes a general breakdown in respect for authority, and the embracing of individualism, the attitude that says nobody can tell me what to do. And even the democratic perspective in our country has entered many churches, so people believe everything should be done in a democratic way.

Some think issues of discipline should be brought before the whole congregation. I have rarely seen that turn out in a restorative way. Most congregations have a wide spectrum of maturity: some ...

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