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Porn Comes to Church

America's dirty little secret is neither little nor secret. So these pastors are taking it on.

The number one Christian porn site on the internet. That is how youth pastors Craig Gross and Mike Foster advertise their ministry intended to help those addicted to online pornography. With humor and candor, XXXchurch.com warns about the dangers of pornography with unconventional campaigns like the Porn Mobile and the NoHoZone, advising modest dress. Both ordained ministers in Southern California, they are featured in a new documentary Missionary Positions and have appeared in GQ and on the 700 Club. We spoke with Gross in the only free time he had during a recent spate of appearances, 6:30 a.m. on a Thursday.

Where did the idea for xxxchurch.com come from?

We saw how many people were struggling with pornography and how uncomfortable the church was addressing it. Then Mike shared with me at lunch one day that God put it on his heart to do something to help. So, we decided to create a safe community online where people could deal with their problem. Over 30 million people have visited the ...

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