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What Wives Want

Here's what ministry wives wish their husbands knew.

Most women whose husbands are pastors say the ministry life is stressful, but overall they appear to be satisfied with their marriages and church life. Where most want help is in their walk with Christ, according to a new survey by Just Between Us, a magazine for ministry wives.

In poll of readers, 97 percent said their marriages are strong and almost all feel supported in their marriage (93%) and in their parenting (90%). An almost equally high number (83%) said they feel supported in their role as a ministry spouse, however, three-fourths want a close friend other than their husband, and 53 percent feel isolated.

"The life of a pastor's wife can be lonely, and there are not many resources out there to turn to," one respondent said.

"Balancing it all" remains the top need in 15 years of surveying.

2005's top five list:
  1. Balancing my busy life
  2. Devotional life
  3. Having a close friend or confidante
  4. Handling conflict
  5. Handling emotional issues and stress.

Feelings: About six in ten reported feeling ...

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