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Creative Tensions

Three inevitable conflicts will face every innovative leader.

Awhile back our church had a capital campaign for a new children's building. (Imagine that—a church trying to raise money!) Our technical team prepared a video to promote the building program. It was a great video—the camera angles, movement, and music were innovative and spectacular. But the narration was something I call a "doggie downer."

Tired of overcrowded children's rooms? Sick of waiting in lines to drop off your kids? Give to the Fellowship Church Building Fund …

Visually and artistically, the video was right on. But the script wasn't. The person in charge of this project was new to us and didn't understand that people give to vision, not need. (If people gave to need, then the neediest organizations would have the most money!) The video, though creative, didn't support the positive message we were trying to get across. We cancelled it, and experienced creative tension.

If you've ever felt tension before—physical, emotional, or otherwise—you know the discomfort ...

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