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Something Wiki This Way Comes

It's a Wiki world. First there was Wikipedia, the website that markets itself as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit." (The name comes from a Hawaiian phrase meaning "no fuss, informal, and quick.") At Wikipedia, anyone can add or edit a page, credentials are unnecessary, and the entries are constantly updated.

Now Wiki enters the church world. Karen Ward of Church of the Apostles in Seattle, Washington, believes the Wiki concept is consistent with the priesthood of believers doctrine: everyone has equal access and can contribute as they are led by the Spirit.

Here are some ways Wiki is working:

Administration. Some churches allow users to post announcements or organize events.

Theological reflection. Grace Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin, allows users to post meditations, links to other websites, and answers to questions about the faith.

Sermon discussions. Pastors post sermon ideas and invite the congregation to "Wiki" with ideas and observations.

Prayer groups. Like the Yada ...

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