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Putting the "Fun" Back in Fundraising

Here's how to find joy while financing your trip.

What's the quickest way to send church members or church school parents scurrying in every direction? Say: "We need to do a fundraiser!" Immediately, images of day-long car washes and never-ending bake sales come to mind—events that require hard work but bring in little cash.

The good news is that the "fun" is back in fundraising! An exciting array of programs and products and excellent support from firms specializing in fundraisers makes it easier than ever for church groups to raise lots of money.

Getting Started

Fundraisers have a proven ability to bring significant external support to church initiatives. But where do you begin? Start by asking a few key questions; the answers help identify the products and programs that make sense:

  • How much money is needed?
  • When is the money needed?
  • How many people will help with the fundraiser?

Be Sold on It!

Fundraising success requires that people doing the fundraising be sold on the project they're supporting and love the product they're selling. ...

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