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Creating a Moment

Ideas to make this Mother's Day service a memorable one

Do the creative arts have the power to move a heart toward God? A man who had been an atheist for many years told of how he sat in church, week after week, unconvinced about the truth of the gospel. One weekend at church, they showed a video. It was a low-tech clay animation video about a small figure that walks along and looks up in the sky with wonder and concern. The figure turns around and leaves the scene, only to return with an armful of gifts. He holds the gifts high in the air and then lowers them with sadness as if the gifts were somehow inadequate.

The figure leaves the scene once again to return this time with a handful of money. He again holds the money up to the sky and then has the same sad reaction. Finally, he has a "light bulb" moment and leaves the scene for the final time. When he returns, his arms are empty. Looking up to heaven, he stands and reaches into his clay chest, pulling out his heart. He holds his heart up high and waits. Then a large hand reaches down to him ...

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