Megachurch Myths

Too big? Too self-focused? All alike? Beyond Megachurch Myths aims to discredit these ideas about America's largest churches. Scott Thumma and Dave Travis (of Leadership Network) meticulously evaluate megachurches to prove that much can be learned from them. The authors reinforce their assertions with extensive research—incorporating charts, figures, and statistics to bolster their arguments. The objective research, however, doesn't disguise the authors' pro-megachurch stance. Their observations often read like endorsements.

Despite this affinity, their work still effectively exhibits megachurches' positive traits, including community involvement, ability to create unity within large congregations and willingness to partner with other churches—within their community and outside their denomination.

As the book states, megachurches matter. Even if Summa and Travis don't successfully debunk all our preconceived notions, they leave little doubt that megachurches are thriving in America ...

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