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The Future of Modern Worship

The ever-changing "clothes" of worship.

I have just had another one of those strange feelings. Another telephone interview has just occurred with an excitable American lady calling from Virginia Beach in Virginia.

She asks me where I'm from and with just a little too much mischief for my spiritual reputation I reply "Littlehampton Beach, Littlehampton". She exclaims "is that in England?" and I reply with even more mischief, "that it is the capital of England and the center for world revival". As is usual she hasn't heard the new record (bless her), but thinks it's "awesome anyhow" and believes with a passion that Delirious? hold the keys to the future of modern worship.

When I secretly contemplate to myself, there are two things I am sure of. Firstly, that God is worthy to be praised and has always been from the dawn of time to eternity. And secondly, Delirious? is doing nothing new but just hanging on the coat tails of the Kendrick's, Wesley's and further back, Handel himself. Whenever I hear that phrase spoken over us, however ...

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