Learning to Rest

Only when we let God have control of our ministries can we rest.

This world has nothing for me, and this world has everything.
All that I could want and nothing that I need.

-Caedmon's Call

I was a football-watching freak. It was a full-fledged addiction. My typical fall weekend was structured something like this: two college football games on Saturday, approximately four hours each, two pro football games on Sundays, approximately three and a half hours each, and a Monday night football game to cap it all off. I often watched with friends, but they rarely had the stamina and endurance I had to sit, eat popcorn, and watch football. They often gave me grief about it, but I figured it was just my way to unwind and relax. I got my work done; I wasn't so addicted that I was anti-social; I didn't gamble on the games. What was wrong with it?

Then one Sunday as I turned off the TV after the late afternoon game, I evaluated how I actually felt. In truth, after 15 hours of watching football over the previous two days, I was sluggish and my eyes were glazed over. ...

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