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Answering the Call

Before taking a call as a pastor, ponder these three considerations.

My calling to pastoral ministry came unexpectedly enough. I labored eagerly as an itinerant preacher for four years and as a church volunteer in nearly every capacity, but a pastor I was not.

The visit came while I was at work. It was from a timid, elderly man whom I recognized from the small church I had minister at more than a month prior. To say his words were direct would be an understatement. "We voted on you and the church wants you to be our preacher," he said.

"Excuse me" I exclaimed, revealing more shock than I intended. I hadn't known that I was a candidate for the church much less that they were voting on me. "We'll discuss it and I'll pray about it," I said.

After much prayer and examining my family and work responsibilities I finally came to the conclusion that I could not take on the responsibility of pastor. Another month had passed and all was going well until one evening on my way home from work I pulled into my driveway to find an unexpected visitor. It was a couple who ...

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