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Best-Selling Church Training of 2004

What Caught your Interest.

How do you assess the success of your church ministries? What helps you measure the effectiveness of your leaders and volunteers?

The assessments at BuildingChurchLeaders.com help many church leaders address the strengths and weaknesses of their ministries and people, so they know where growth is needed. Through the first half of 2004, four of the top ten leadership training downloads were assessments.

Below we've compiled the complete list of the most popular church leadership training downloads from January through June 2004.

Building the Team Assessment Pack equips your church leaders so they can recruit the right people and place them in the right position.

A Welcoming Church Assessment Pack helps you measure how well you greet and nurture newcomers and offers suggestions for growth.

Handling Conflict Assessment Pack teaches how to prevent conflict when possible, work through conflict when it occurs, and strive for unity.

Vision & Strategy Assessment Pack is useful if you want to help your ...

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