The Epidemic of Busyness Among Christian Leaders

There's a cure that's freely available.

ep•i•dem•ic (ĕp-ĭ-dĕm´-ĭk) n. An outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely.

It's no overstatement to say that legions of Christians are infected by "an outbreak of a contagious disease," a disease that seems to be spreading "rapidly and wildly" throughout the culture. It is especially prevalent among U.S. Christians in leadership positions, but also appears to be widespread among a similar demographic overseas. Moreover, women are more susceptible than are men, though a strikingly high percentage of both genders have been affected.

A contemporary term for the disease is "busyness" and the particular strand I want to consider here entails a lifestyle that's so congested that the infected individual can neither enjoy nor nurture a healthy relationship with God. The evidence comes from the latest in a long line of studies on over-extended lifestyles, but there's also some good news to report: There's a cure that's freely available ...

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