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The Right One for the Job

Un-confusing the process of hiring a worship leader.

Talk with any senior pastor or search committee in America who hires support staff, and one of their most challenging positions to fill is in the area of worship leadership. The unfolding reformation of worship in our nation is creating unprecedented opportunities in worship ministry for qualified leaders, yet frustration over finding them is at an all-time high.

One such pastor, responding to the analogy that hiring staff was like getting married after a blind date confessed, "I'm so worn out from making the wrong music decision (again) that I'm tempted to just stay single." Can you relate to that comment? I can, yet hiring a quality worship staff can be one the most tangible blessings any of us in leadership can give to our ministries. With this in mind, here are some suggestions for taking the mystery and confusion out of the process.

Put the Throne Before the Phone

When our music director announced that he was leaving to pursue the Lord's calling elsewhere, I did what any spiritually ...

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