How to Organize Your Staff

Helping your staff to be successful.

Successful church staff members possess the following three qualities: competence, godliness, and loyalty. Competence is the ability to do the job well. Godliness is a righteous life. Loyalty is what enables staff to relate as team members.

Providing Structure

Staff organization is necessary to help ministers and employees within the local church remain competent, godly, and loyal. It should not bind them or burden the organization.

Peter Drucker, the father of modern church management, says that every soldier has one right: the right to competent command. In other words, if the leader expects competence from the staff, the staff has a right to a competent leader. Someone has to be in charge, and that person needs a clear picture of where the church is going and how to enable staff members to help get there.

Almost all church staffs are divided according to program and support people. Program staff includes pastors and others who plan and implement church ministries, such as worship services, ...

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