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Seminar Report: Delirious?

Q & A with the fab five of worship.

With the amount of time you spend together as a touring band, how do you deal with tensions or arguments among yourselves? How do you work through the problems?

Tim: I think one of the great strengths about what we do is that we're part of a team. We've met many people over the years that travel around as a team, and sometimes it can be a difficult and vulnerable position to be in. I think one of our strengths is that we have so many different personalities. We are rubbing against each other all the time and trying to sharpen each other. Also, we're very different, so that means sometimes we don't necessarily see eye to eye. It's a bit like being married, isn't it? Because you're with each other so much, I guess communication and honesty is the key. We want our music to be prophetic and reflect God's heart, but it doesn't stack up unless the whole thing reflects God's heart. That is so important in our relationships as a team. Because worship is not about music, it's about a lifestyle and ...

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