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Defining Worship

What worship is - and what it isn't.

In this ChristianityToday.com exclusive, the acclaimed worship leader best known for the song "In the Secret (I Want to Know You)" explains what it is — and what it isn't.

What is worship? It's all about exalting Christ, and anything that leads towards a Christ-like life is on the right track of true worship.

When we use the word "worship" as applied to what we do in a church service, then most of what I do is musically oriented. Of course, preaching, prayer, the Lord's Supper and even fellowship are all parts of worship. But there are several things that happen during the musical portion of worship. We express our love to God, and we sing and speak the Word to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. We let the Word of Christ dwell in us by meditating about who God is and our role as children and servants.

That's the cognitive element. Then there's the spiritual or revelatory element—worshipping God with all that's within us. Part of that involves our emotions, engaging ...

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