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The Reality of Worship

Matt Redman explains why worship is more than just a popular trend in Christian music.

I recently heard someone talking about the current "worship trend." To be honest, I found that quite funny. If it's a trend, then it's the only eternal trend there is! Worship is here to stay—throughout all time and eternity.

Of course, what they were trying to say is that there's been a wonderful new song and sound rising up in much of the church in recent years—a fresh wave of vertical, biblical, and relevant worship. And that's absolutely wonderful. But the key to remember is that we're caught up in the middle of an eternal river of praise. With every new song that comes along, with every album that's released, with every worship meeting we attend, we're truly joining in with an age-old flow of devotion that will never run dry. This is the reality of what we do when we "worship" in song.

Hymn-writer and poet Christina Rosetti once said that in Revelation 4 and 5, "heaven is revealed to earth as the homeland of music." Indeed, in these chapters we also see what music was created ...

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