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Worship Ideas for Patriotic Holidays

Patriotic holidays are about more than picnics and fireworks. Celebrate religious freedom and recognize the hand of God in our nation's history. Consider these worship elements for flag-waving season.

  • Listen to The Founders. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are inspiring documents that point to the God-given worth of every human being. Read a historic document or a God-honoring speech aloud, and encourage gratitude for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

  • Honor the vets. More than 1,000 WW2 vets die each day. Now is the time to honor them before they're gone. Visit with vets, gather stories or videos of God's work on the frontlines, and share them in worship.

  • Adopt a soldier. Send care packages overseas. Offer encouragement to spouses and childcare for their families who are left behind. Start an online letter-writing campaign, and share the responses with the congregation.

  • Join the parade. Enter a float from your church in your town's parade. Pass out candy and invite spectators to a special church event.

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