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Our Allergic Reactions

Some react to churches doing things cheap and sloppy, others to doing things "with excellence." Either way, a bad reaction can be deadly.

A friend said it well: "You're only as sick as your reactivity." The more things you're reacting against, like allergens, and the stronger your reactions, the more likely that your soul will go sick and your ministry will go sour.

I've seen this happen to too many of my friends. I remember one who confided to a group of us, "I'm motivated by competition. I want to have the biggest, most creative church. I'm driven to be significant."

Another responded, "That motivation will destroy you someday. You should deal with that."

"Yeah, you're probably right," he replied. But he didn't deal with it, because in a way, it's what kept him going.

His deep reaction against small, dysfunctional, boring churches drove him to where his personal life deteriorated, ending his ministry. He was a good man, but reactivity got him.

Another friend had a strong reaction against legalism. It filled him with righteous indignation. He saw it make ...

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