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Five leadership lessons from the last five years.

Leaders are learners. Here are a five leadership lessons I've learned in the last five years. (Now you can learn them in less than five minutes.)

The "God thing" comes before the vision.

Most leaders make the mistake of thinking that change starts with their vision. Instead, change starts with a "God thing." The leader's job is to identify where God is at work, communicate the vision of what God is doing, and articulate how we must get involved in His work.

Money always follows vision.

People give money to a compelling cause with a clear vision. When economic times are hard, leaders are tempted to reduce the budget and the vision. No! Increase the vision and money will follow. Never forget - God is always at work and vision is free!

Make it fit on a napkin.

If it can't be explained on a napkin, it is too complicated. Make sure everything from your slogan, to your process for disciple making, to how you will create a movement can be explained on a napkin. If it is simple and reproducible, you ...

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