Creating and Maintaining Vision

How do you keep your congregation's passion for ministry from deflating?

Whether it's across the table with another church leader, at a planning retreat, or talking to the whole church—every time you talk about what could be and should be, you're casting vision.

For instance, every one of the newsletter articles that I send out to our church is vision oriented. I don't write devotional thoughts—those I can give on Sundays. If people are going to read a newsletter, I want every article to remind them of our mission and vision.

When we talk about the vision, it needs to be in a way that's clear and compelling to those we are addressing. Three components help me keep the vision compelling:

  1. Define the problem. You must ask the question, What problem is my organization attempting to solve? There is something that will not get done if we don't do it. If we don't do what we do, there's a group of people that won't be reached. When you talk about vision, you need to begin by talking about why your church exists. What is the problem that God has called you to solve?

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