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The Missing Ingredient: Fun!

Four days ago, I spoke with a new children's ministry director. Full of energy and halogen-bright excitement, she bubbled with the bravery needed for the role. I asked her what she felt most enthused about for the year ahead.

"Our new core team worked all summer long making changes," she said. My breathing quickened as I anticipated her description. A 1000-watt leader with a small but high-octane team can move mountains together. Oh, tell me, please, what wonderful ideas do you have planned?

"And even though the kids might not notice anything new, the educational principles we'll use will help them learn a ton," she said, and watched for my response.

I just smiled and turned away.

Okay, that's a line I borrowed from the song "American Pie" and not actually what I did. My disappointment stayed masked behind my facial expressions, and I wished her well for a few more minutes. Then I walked away and cringed.

Before you start judging me too harshly (which I might deserve), you should know that ...

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