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3 Questions for Bruce Miller

Find the right rhythm, not balance, in your ministry life.

Bruce Miller is the author of Your Life in Rhythm (Tyndale, 2009) and the founder and senior pastor of McKinney Fellowship in McKinney, Texas. Years ago while speaking at a leadership conference, Miller had a flash of insight: instead of struggling to live a balanced life, we ought to live in rhythm. Off the Agenda spoke with Miller about the implications of "rhythm" in ministry.

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What advice would you give to pastors who feel spread thin between their responsibilities?

I encourage pastors to rethink their responsibilities with trusted friends and with their governing board. Often we take on responsibilities that are not ours to bear. One rhythm strategy in my book is to release false expectations. Consider the stage and season of your life, and knowing what "time" it is in your life, reevaluate your responsibilities. When my wife and I were raising our kids, I was asked to serve on the board of a ministry. ...

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