Being a Teacher of the Nations

Dallas Willard gives pastors a new job description.

Job titles in churches keep getting more interesting. In the old days, they were simply labels: pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor. Now there are worship architects, lead directional shepherds, experience producers, and chief spiritual officers.

I'll give you another possibility: teacher of the nations.

Yes, you.

Could mean a raise.

It comes from a new book by Dallas Willard, Knowing Christ Today. I'll give you a dumbed-down version in a nut shell, although the book itself is a dumbed-down version of what will eventually be a much more technical work on epistemology designed for professional philosophers. So this is several iterations less intelligent, kind of like the third Michael Keaton clone in Multiplicity.

The book deals with the loss of moral and spiritual knowledge today. Actually, it doesn't argue that we don't have moral knowledge. People generally know that random cruelty is wrong and that babies deserve to be loved. What we have lost is confidence in the idea ...

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