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Catalyst Day Two: Spectacle and Restoration

Reflections from Atlanta and Gabe Lyons.

Day Two of Catalyst began with the statement:

"It's impossible to love people and avoid tension at the same time."

Then, after an amazing spectacle, an audience participation exercise in percussion (think Blue Man Group with 13,000 people beating out the rhythms) and a spectacular demonstration of trampolinists reaching tremendous heights, twisting and flipping even while wearing skis and snowboards, and only after all that, did the speakers unpack the statement about tension.

The most noteworthy of them was Gabe Lyons, coauthor of unChristian and now his latest book, The Next Christians.

He explained that the next generation of Christians are engaging cultural tensions in a whole new way.

The reason for this is because of where we currently find ourselves culturally. Our current realities:

1. In a Postmodern culture, a primary characteristic is skepticism toward certainty. Anyone who communicates with confidence and certainty creates resistance.

2. Culture has become postChristian, where the ...

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