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This Is Bad, But God Is Bigger

Thoughts from a West, Texas pastor, helping his community see God in the midst of devastation.

I've lost my home. It's standing, but it's not safe. All of the windows are out; in every room the ceiling is on the floor. Insulation is everywhere. My entryway is in the living room. My front door landed right on my chair, the one I usually sit in. I'm extremely blessed I was not home.

The reason I wasn't home is that my daughter ran well in a mile relay, so we were out of town for her track meet. On our way back home to West, Texas, my cell phone started ringing. Our friends told us what the rest of the nation now knows: a fertilizer plant had exploded.

After a fire started at the plant, our volunteer firemen rushed to put out the fire. That drew them in, and once they were out there, the explosion happened. Many died. One of the first responders, a volunteer fireman, was our sound technician. The blast literally blew him out of his boots. His boots stayed on the ground and he did not. Fortunately, he's going to be okay. He suffered some cracked ribs, a shoulder injury, and he had problems ...

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