I offer this piece with a disclaimer: I don't think everything I wrote is entirely true.

Well at least, the part where I say I know no identity but that of a preacher. I am first and foremost God's beloved son, and that identity is infinitely deeper than anything related to my calling. But that is not always what I feel.

I offer this in tribute to all the brave men and women of God who bear up under the weight of our call. I hope it articulates some of the ambiguity, beauty and tension wrapped up in saying "yes" when God summons you to the pulpit.

Through the foolishness of preaching, God has chosen to demonstrate the power of the gospel. From Peter on the day of Pentecost to Martin Luther King preaching in Memphis, TN preaching is still changing the world. Never forget that, and by all means-keep preaching. Preach with boldness, preach with vulnerability. Preach high risk, bloody messages; preach because it matters.



I am a preacher.

I say ...

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