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Men and Women Working Together

And more helpful tools from Christianity Today

Men and Women Working Together

From Gifted For Leadership.

Working with people of the opposite sex requires skills, maturity, and a sense of humor. These articles will help orient you to the attitudes and actions that form the foundation of healthy mixed-gender teams.

He Said, She Heard

From Preaching Today

Every preacher knows that sometimes what we say (or at least what we thought we said) isn't what our people hear. In this preaching skills article, Jeffrey Arthurs explores some of the general differences between how men and women communicate—and how those principles apply to your preaching. As Arthurs cautions, "Preaching is more than a report of what you discovered in the study; it is also a means of establishing and nurturing relationships." And at least half of those relationships in our preaching will be with members of the opposite sex. So don't get caught in the trap of "He said, she heard" or "She said, he heard."

Working With the Opposite Sex

From Building Church Leaders

Working relationships with the opposite sex can be complicated. These handouts are designed to equip men and women to work together smoothly in the church. You can use this download for a training session or to give individually to key people who work on mixed gender teams. Simply print the handouts needed and use them as necessary.

Protecting Your Staff from Sexual Harassment

From Church Law & Tax

A church should be safe from sexual pressure and harassment. Yet legal cases have been brought against those in ministry positions. Do you know the law when it comes to the church and sexual harassment? Is your church prepared to deal with an allegation of harassment? Does your staff and congregation know how to proceed if they feel they have been harassed? Download this pack and learn how to create a sexual harassment-free environment in your ministry.

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