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Let justice roll down

Should I Preach About Ferguson?

Consider it a unique opportunity for pastoral care.
Should I Preach About Ferguson?
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After a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, chose not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, many ministers are conflicted over what to say about this painful intersection of the judicial system and race. For many reasons, pastoral care among them, this is not a time for silence. Here's to faithful speech in service of justice and the gospel of peace. - Paul

I am writing this piece just hours after the grand jury’s decision was announced. Each night before we sleep, my wife and I pray the Lord’s Prayer together. Tonight I couldn’t get through it without weeping.

I cried for Michael Brown who was supposed to be a college freshman. I cried for his parents. I cried for Darren Wilson who will live the rest of his life associated with this tragedy. I cried for the deep anger of the thousands of protesters around the country—an anger that I feel in part. I cried at the fact that I don’t feel my children are safe as young ...

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