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Cage Match for Christ

How salvation changed the focus of a UFC fighter.
Cage Match for Christ

Ken Shamrock is a Hall of Fame UFC fighter, a former WWE superstar, author, speaker, and has started a youth outreach for teens. We spoke with Ken about his past as a troubled youth and how his salvation changed the way he views his career.

1. What was it that made your time at the Shamrock Ranch successful in helping you change your attitude?

My education on how to live the way God wants me to live. I learned about his promise to us that he will never leave us. I also learned a lot about venting my anger and directing it into positive things like sports.

2. Are there things from wrestling and fighting that you learned that you think can help troubled youth?

If you want something bad enough you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

3. When did you become a Christian and did it affect the way you viewed your chosen career path?

I accepted the Lord at a young age but it took me a lifetime to understand how that should influence my life, to really get ...

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