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Can Finance People Be Ministry Minded?

If you want the finance committee to be ministry minded, you need to recruit people who are on the front lines of ministry themselves.
—Richard L. Bergstrom

After beginning the meeting with prayer, Don, the chairman of the finance committee, said, "I trust that all of you have had a chance to look over your copy of last year's budget."

"I'm afraid I didn't get mine," replied Dolores Anderson, the treasurer.

"Nor did I," added Pete. "Were they mailed out by the church office. Pastor?"

"Not to my knowledge," groaned Pastor Peterson. Why does everybody always look at me when other people fail to do what they'resupposed to do? he thought to himself. "I guess the secretary neglected to get those out last week. I was hoping we'd be able to give some thought to this before our meeting tonight." He hated passing the buck like that, but at least the monkey was off his back.

"I'm sure we can go ahead with this tonight, Pastor," replied Don. "Dolores, will you please distribute copies of our financial ...

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