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Working through Leaders

Many church leaders bear incredible loads because they haven't mastered the art of raising up fellow leaders and releasing responsibility to them.
—Don Cousins

Growth inevitably leads to chaos. I don't mean the kind of chaos caused by weak administration or poor planning. I mean the turmoil that accompanies action, the disruption that results from change, and the problems that surface from incorporating new workers into a ministry. An organization without this kind of chaos probably isn't making much of a mark. I'll take chaos—with impact—any time over a calm lack of fruitfulness.

While chaos may not be a comfortable state, the inconveniences it brings are a small price to pay for the thrill of knowing one's ministry is making a difference. And when great things are happening in a ministry, people tend to step forward and ask, "How can I help?" They want to be part of the activity—even somewhat chaotic activity—when they see the fruit it bears.

The man who runs our small-group ministry owned ...

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