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Preparing People as Witnesses

In churches positioned to evangelize, members have confidence in the church and feel comfortable inviting outsiders to the services. Growing churches have built a culture that views evangelism as the norm.
—Calvin C. Ratz

Walking down the first fairway at a golf club, Don, a recent convert, told me about his work. He ran his own business, specializing in securing high-profile managers and executives for large corporations. "When they need a certain type of person," he said, "they come to me. People call me a headhunter."

That caught my attention. As I plotted how to land my four irons on the greens, I also thought about my job. Yes, I'm called to preach, pray, and visit the sick. But finding people to fill jobs—and finding jobs in which to place people—is a critical part of my ministry. I, too, am a headhunter.

More specifically, one ministry to which I am called to recruit people is evangelism. One church leader put the challenge this way: "I have no difficulty getting my people to serve ...

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