Not Everyone Learns Alike

Every class is diverse. I will never know all the mysteries of people's souls. But by God's grace, I can effectively address that diversity.
—Roberta Hestenes

John lays floor tiles for a living, eight hours a day, day in and day out. He's not much of a reader, but he's eager to learn, and he's looking for something from the class I'm about to teach.

Peter is a lawyer, driven, compulsive, and a bit of a snob. He is a reader, and a skeptical one at that. In fact, he's vowed that if this class doesn't grab him, he probably won't bother with another.

Joanne's husband left her a few months ago, and now she's trying to support herself and her two children on a clerk's salary at Penney's. This is the first job she has had in twenty-five years. She doesn't think she's capable of anything better, and she feels absolutely powerless.

Michael owns his own small corporation; he's pretty much in charge of his time. He talks flippantly about time pressures and taxes, but he knows he's got it good. But he's ...

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