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Raisins in the Oatmeal: The Art of Illustrating

An illustration is like a row of footlights that shed light on what is presented on the stage. If you turn the lights onto the audience, they blind the people.
Haddon Robinson
The greatest convincer preached with stories — a woman's lost coin, treacherous renters, faithful servants. The simple stories communicated to depths that profound propositions would never reach.Even the gospel itself is a story — a living (and dying and living again) illustration.What preachers gather and swap and treasure like stamp collectors, they also want to use effectively: their sermon illustrations. But how? How can a preacher know when enough yarns have been spun? At what point does an entertaining illustration bully the text out of the spotlight? When is an illustration demanded? And when does one demean?Mark Littleton is a Christian communicator who has asked those questions and arrived at some answers — answers he utilized in his former pastorate at Berea Baptist Church in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and answers ...
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