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A Tough Audience: The Jaded

One reason the modern world ignores our preaching is because it rarely hears anything from us it cannot hear from Dear Abby or Leo Buscaglia.
—William Willimon

A Christian fraternity and sorority group wanted me to talk on being a Christian on Duke's campus.

"For starters," I said, "I expect that by this weekend some of you will be in bed with somebody you're not married to, maybe with somebody in this group. What could I say to you tonight to give you the resources to refuse to do that?"

They got mad. Some of them said, "Wait. We're a Christian group. How dare you say something like that!"

"You look normal to me," I replied, "and I know the statistics, that few college students remain virgins any longer. I'm not doing this to attack you; I'm a preacher, and I'm supposed to be giving you what you need to live a Christian life."

After the group calmed down, one student said, "But why do preachers always act like sex is the biggest sin in the world?"

"That's a good question," I said. "Sounds like ...

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