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The Unique Network of a Small Church
Learning to communicate in ways a congregation expects.
What Theology Looks Like in a Sermon (part 1)
Everyone does theology. Do you do it right?
The Island Syndrome: When the Only Sermons You Ingest Are Your Own
Much has been said recently about the dangers of sermon plagiarism, but the effect can be a misguided shunning of others' sermons. Growing preachers study the messages of other outstanding preachers.
The Gift of Disillusionment
Why being disappointed by your church may actually be a good thing.
What the Magic Kingdom Reminds Us About the Eternal Kingdom
The happiest place isn't on earth...yet.
Assessment Pack: Taking the Pulse of Your Church
It's not only important to know where the church is heading, but to know where your congregants think it's heading, too.
Deep Thinking in Simple Language
How biblical is "Finding Our Way Home"?
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