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Being a Safe Person
There is no doubt—we live in troubled times. It may feel hard to concentrate on your spiritual life when you face financial challenges, when the world seems to be in turmoil.
Being at Home with Yourself
I was cleaning up the living room, picking up newspapers and throwing toys into the toy box, muttering about how many pairs of shoes were on the floor instead of in the closet.
A Day Set Apart
In our ongoing series that focuses on spiritual practices, we'll take an extended look at just one practice: Sabbath keeping.
Do You Really Want That?
Do you want to get well?
Flowers and Weeds, Side by Side
A furious line of thunderstorms pounded our area this week. Windows left open meant the carpet was as soaked as the lawn.
Flow-Through Ministry
To paraphrase Rick Warren: Your ministry is not about you.
The Gift You're Already Giving
Parenting, it's been said, is the only profession where the goal is to work yourself out of a job.
He Went Away Sad
Childlike faith and trust is necessary if we are to enter the kingdom.
The Power of Hidden Disciplines
Your effectiveness as a leader depends a lot on what you do when no one is looking—the private spiritual disciplines you engage in to grow closer to Jesus.
Holding Hands
A moment with a child can remind us of what really matters.