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Why I Resist Accountability
Four reasons I avoid the relationships I need (and how I embrace them anyway).
Real Sex
Sex Toys, Solo Acts and the Bare Facts
Starting Over
With God's help, it's possible to rebuild trust—even after a painful betrayal
Sex During Pregnancy
Also: "Is There a Sexual Prime?", "Communicating the Play by Play", "Do We Always Have to Have an Orgasm?", and "I'm Dry During Sex"
How Often Is Normal?
Also: "Are Dirty Words Okay?", "Speeding Up Orgasm", and "Emotions of the Heart"
Arousal Troubles
Also: "Okay without sex"; "It's messy!"; "She's too fat"; "He keeps grabbing me"
Guilt from Premarital Sex
Also: "I do all the work"; "He tells me what to do!"
Will Your Romance Last?
Every married couple experiences life phases. Here's how to negotiate those seasons and keep the magic in your marriage.
I'm Competing with His Past
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