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Preaching on Divorce: How can we preach hope to lives impacted by broken marriages?
The pastoral reality of divorce is very complicated here. And our preaching has to reflect that.
Are You an Unhealthy Leader?
No well-intentioned leader would set out to lead this way, but it happens all the time.
The Road to Emotional Health
How transforming your unhealthy interior transforms your leadership.
Ten Questions to Guide Every Preacher
When it comes to preaching there's something even more important than what we say or how we say--it's our walk with God.
Beating the Pastoral Blues (free sample)
The effects of emotional immaturity on a life.
The Danger of Preaching Without Jesus
We need to give Jesus direct access to every aspect of our lives and our leadership.
Beating the Pastoral Blues
Why was I so dissatisfied and on edge? I needed something I couldn't seem to find.
The Spiritual Importance of Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Preacher
Key issues to address as we look beneath the surface
Emotional Stability
You'll never grow up if you aren't willing to examine your inner life.
Stop trying to look good, and do the dirty work beneath the surface.
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