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Jonathan Edwards on the New Reformed Movement
A posthumous Out of Ur interview.
Ur Video: Ed Young Jr. says "U.B.U."
The importance, and humor, of originality.
Praying For The Weekend: Shane Claiborne
What is the link between prayer and social activism?
Ur Video: Miroslav Volf on Public Faith
How can Christians engage the public square to encourage flourishing?
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 5- Guest Os Guinness
Evangelicals, politics, and the decline of the American empire with Os Guinness.
Ur Video: David Platt on Ranking Who is Radical
Is comparing radical living healthy or unhealthy?
A Church by Any Other Name ...
How Url Scaramanga thinks about cool new church names.
Should Pastors Marry Cohabitating Couples?
New survey finds most pastors will. Is that right?
Praying For The Weekend: Tim Keller
Prayer, like so many doctrines of Christianity, is a paradox.