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Separated at Birth?
Church leaders and their celebrity twins.
Craig Gross: Church in the Chicken Ranch
The Porn Pastor talks about ministry in Las Vegas.
Jonathan Edwards on the New Reformed Movement
A posthumous Out of Ur interview.
Ur Video: Ed Young Jr. says "U.B.U."
The importance, and humor, of originality.
Holy Holograms!
Forget video preaching, holographic technology is coming to the church sooner than you think.
John Piper's "Poisonous Cup"
What can we learn from Piper's leave of absence from public ministry?
A Church by Any Other Name ...
How Url Scaramanga thinks about cool new church names.
Ted Haggard: Back in the Saddle
Announces he's starting a new church...after announcing he wasn't.
Pastors are Fatter, Sicker, & more Depressed
What does it say when those at the center of the church are the least healthy?
Furtick Uses 24-Hour Sermon to "Pimp" Book
When did ministry simply become a tool for marketing?