We’re excited to begin a brand-new season of “The Better Samaritan” with a special episode. A few months ago, Jamie Aten and Kent Annan were invited by One Collective to teach Spiritual First Aid training for Christians serving refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) impacted by the war in Ukraine.

In this episode, Jamie and Kent share audio they recorded on the field and reflections while on the trip and after they’d been home a few weeks.

You’ll hear:

  • How they almost missed the trip before even taking off!

  • Their experience arriving in Ukraine and insightful conversations with their driver, Miroslav.

  • A conversation with Doug Lando from One Collective with Doug's thoughts about the humanitarian efforts and what the churches are doing.

  • Why the podcast might have been named “Humanitarians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

  • The war’s effects on university students and how it has changed their lives.

  • Marena’s story.

  • Final thoughts and reflections.


Video of the Ukrainians singing during the workshop

Let’s Not Forget About Ukraine: Three Practical Ways to Help

The Grief in Ukraine and Our Chance to Live Out the Christian Promise

How the War in Ukraine is Hurting the Global Food Supply Chain

One Collective

Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course


"On Being a Good Neighbor" sermon draft by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This episode was produced by WildfireCreative

Theme Song: “Turning Over Tables” by The Brilliance

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(Note to the listener: In this podcast, sometimes we'll have Evangelicals, and sometimes we won't. Learning how to do better involves listening to many perspectives with different insights and understanding. Sometimes it will make us uncomfortable, sometimes, we'll agree, and sometimes we won't. We think that's good. We want to listen for correction– Especially in our blind spots.)

Jamie Aten, Ph.D. and Kent Annan, M.Div. co-direct the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College and are also the co-founders of Spiritual First Aid.