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January 9 1995, 1995
Volume 39, Number 1
January 9
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Why Women Choose Abortion
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Does Theology Matter
Mrs. Dudley Goes to the ’Hood
How a white, suburban mother helped transform an inner-city black community.
The School Prayer Temptation
Politicians think evangelicals want to force religion on others; we simply want the freedom to live by our faith.
When God Calls a Leader
The Soul of the Senate
For 14 years, Chaplain Richard Halverson has been conscience and confessor to our nation's lawmakers.
Has God Been Held Hostage by Philosophy?
A forum on free-will theism, a new paradigm for understanding God.
Test-Tube Wars
Dialogue with Anthropologists Begins
Human rights concerns bring missionaries, anthropologists together.
Christians Use Courts to Fight Assisted-Suicide Measure
The battle over the nation's first physician-assisted suicide law has moved from the ballot box to the courtroom.
Koinonia Farm Struggles for Survival
Koinonia community struggles to overcome debts
The Psalms at Prayer
Roots of the Chinese Church
Why Not Commit a Crime?
If we can answer this one question, we can solve the crime problem.