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Faced with Allegations, Anglicans Want to Change the Trajectory of Abuse Response
Mishandled case in Wheaton has been a wake-up call for the relatively young denomination.
Iglesia de David Platt, McLean Bible Church, afectada por un movimiento divisivo. Demanda en curso por parte de la oposición
El reciente conflicto dentro de la megaiglesia ubicada en los suburbios de DC por temas raciales y políticos es sintomática de una grieta evangélica más amplia.
28 Abducted Baptist School Students Freed in Nigeria
Parents reunite with sons and daughters at Bethel high school, yet more than 80 children remain with Kaduna kidnappers.
Former Mars Hill Elders: Mark Driscoll Is Still ‘Unrepentant,’ Unfit to Pastor
Dozens of leaders from the preacher’s former congregation are calling for him to resign from The Trinity Church, where departing members are raising familiar concerns.
Christian and Muslim Leaders Agree on Legitimacy of Evangelism
World Evangelical Alliance and Nahdlatul Ulama sign “The Nation’s Mosque Statement” on sidelines of 2021 International Religious Freedom Summit, seeking a “harmonious world order.”
Platt’s McLean Bible Church Hit With Attempted Takeover, Lawsuit from Opposition
The suburban DC megachurch’s recent scuffle over race and politics is symptomatic of a broader evangelical rift.
A maioria dos pastores concorda que a prática de abuso deveria bani-los do ministério
A má conduta cometida contra crianças ou adultos é vista como uma desqualificação permanente para o ministério em quase todas as denominações.
Georgia Church Loses Pastor, Then Its Assets, to Regional UMC Leaders
Conservative Methodists worry about their place in the denomination ahead of delayed plans for a split over LGBT issues.
Summit Produces a ‘Pentecost’ Moment for International Religious Freedom
First IRF summit led by civilians not governments pulls off bipartisan participation as attendees welcome news on next ambassador.
Will Central Asia Become ‘Stans’ for Religious Freedom?
Kazakhstan pledges improvements at 2021 IRF Summit in Washington DC, following footsteps of neighboring Uzbekistan.
British City Apologizes for Removing Franklin Graham Ads
Updated: Evangelist celebrates “important movement for religious freedom in the UK.”
Why Congregations Aren’t Waiting to Leave the United Methodist Church
With a denominational split delayed, some are willing to pay big to exit now.
Study: Regular Bible Readers Experienced More Stress in 2020, But Also More Hope
In times of trials, Scripture strengthened and encouraged.
Mainline Protestants Are Still Declining, But That’s Not Good News for Evangelicals
Both traditions are losing out to the unaffiliated.
欧洲堡垒:随着伊斯兰教的扩张,美国应该效仿 “基督教 ”欧洲大陆吗?
Los solicitantes de asilo entran a Estados Unidos agradeciendo a Dios por los milagros
Con el fin de la política “Permanezcan en México” de Donald Trump, nuevas necesidades desafían a los ministerios cristianos que ayudan a los migrantes.
DC Settles $220K Capitol Hill Baptist Lawsuit
UPDATE: Mark Dever’s church has its legal fees covered in the latest legal victory among congregations who sued over worship service limits during lockdown.
New Museum Stakes Claim for the Bible in US History—Right Next to the Liberty Bell
Faith and Liberty Discovery Center traces Scripture’s presence at America’s founding and reminds visitors that “faith guides liberty toward justice.”
The 9 Nations Where It’s Hardest to Be a Baptist
New index finds 1 in 4 worshipers and 1 in 5 churches in Baptist World Alliance are very vulnerable to persecution and poverty.

Top Story July 28, 2021

The Things We Do To Women
The Things We Do To Women
When churches use sexuality to foster and motivate male commitment, women find themselves on the losing end.

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