The Magazine

September 16 , 1996
Volume 40, Number 10
September 16
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Table of Contents
CT founder Billy Graham charts the course for evangelicalism's future.
How We Celebrate
Forty years after five missionaries lost their lives in the Ecuadorian jungle, the killers explain what really happened.
Former CT editors Carl Henry and Kenneth Kantzer evaluate evangelicalism in light of its twentieth-century developments.
In the last 50 years, God has blessed the efforts of evangelicals in education, scholarship, publishing, missions, evangelism, and social concerns.
Willing to tell the hard truth, evangelist Tom Skinner inspired a generation of leaders.
Henrietta Mears had a vision for conquering the world for Christ. And in a way, she did.
James Packer has had a considerable influence in America because he has written and said what evangelicals have most needed to hear.
The amazingly balanced, wise, biblical, and global ministry of a local pastor, John Stott.
Books that have shaped American evangelicals in the last 40 years
Will the Christian counseling movement live up to its promise
Have Mercy as God Has Mercy
Have Mercy as God Has Mercy
Mercy is what holiness looks like in the lives of God's children.