FCC backs down, religious programming can be considered 'educational'

In a four-to-one vote, the Federal Communications Commission reversed last month's controversial ruling on noncommercial radio programming, saying it created "less certainty rather than more" (see more coverage from Reuters).

Religious leaders unite against repeal of Britain's anti-homosexuality law

The Irish Times notes that Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders have united against the repeal of Britain's Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which forbids promotion of homosexuality in schools. There are a few clergy who support the repeal, but not many.

Chicago Tribune praises Rams QB's faith

"[Kurt] Warner did as effective a job of presenting his faith as any player has on the Super Bowl stage," says sports columnist Skip Bayless in yesterday's Tribune (for some reason, the online version leaves off Bayless's byline). "He did not play the part of the holier-than-thou televangelist, preaching hellfire and damnation while trying to convert his audience. He came off as sincere, humble and tolerant." Bayless is fed up with most "players … in America's face with their faith," but likes Warner a lot.

Catholic priests dying of AIDS at a rate at least four times that of the general U.S. population, says report

In a three-part series, the Kansas City Star looks at AIDS in the priesthood, claiming "hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses, and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease."

(The Associated Press comments on the report.)

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