MLK's church continues the dream

The church where Martin Luther King Jr. joined his father as co-pastor moved across the street last year into a new $8 million building, but it is very consciously maintaining its role as what the Dallas Morning News calls "arguably America's most historic black church."

Gore attacked for his pro-life past

Bill Bradley has attacked him for inconsistency, and Planned Parenthood member Lucy Karl is quoted in a New York Post editorial as saying, "We do not need fair-weather friends." Still, notes the Post, Gore has never said why he changed his mind on the issue.

Whitby Abbey about to fall into the sea, says UK Independent

The ruins of Whitby Abbey, where Roman and Celtic Christianities clashed over their differences in A.D. 664, is under threat from cliff erosion. A £1 million rescue effort is under way. (For more on Whitby's significance in church history, see the article " Culture Clash" from our sister publication, Christian History)

Catholic House Chaplain candidate 'was not the overriding choice,' say GOP lawmakers

As storms continue over the selection of a new House chaplain, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Richard Armey are denying that they nominated a Protestant over a Catholic because of religious discrimination.

Pope and Anglican Archbishop meet to discuss differences

George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, says he's been "singled out" in John Paul II's ecumenical efforts, says a report in London's Times.

Washington Post explains front-page Christmas photo

We weren't trying to cause trouble, explains E. R. Shipp. We just wanted a Christmasy photo. Still, readers were angered by the caption, which pitted Christians against Orthodox Jews in Israel.

Jane Fonda's conversion still making headlines

It's now a major article in the Washington Times, which discusses the media frenzy around the church Fonda has been attending, speculation that Ted Turner "might soon follow his wife in a search for his own discarded faith," and notes "She has not publicly talked about her political views, or whether she has changed any of them" (a new litmus test for true conversion?)

Nigerian government working against religious tensions

President Olusegun Obasanjo's Committee on Inter-religious Harmony has been very busy lately, reports All Africa New Agency

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